[Idea] Spells & Skills

From: Chris Grantham (casper@OPTIMA.MME.WSU.EDU)
Date: 08/30/97

Wow. My first post that's not required by list rules to have an
ObCircle: Hehe. I'm thrilled.


The little floating blob of grey matter in my brain isn't in the mood to
think up 300 abilities (read: spells & skills) for 10 classes and 80
(mortal) levels. I can't very well use anyone elses, because the theme
of my mud is pretty different (rundown: modern, realistic to earth. If
you can't do it RL, why should you be able to do it on this (type of a
theme) game?).

So, what I'm thinking is just cutting out abilities (read: spells &
skills) altogether. Now, I'm afraid that this will make the game
incredibly boring and (former) players will flame me mercilessly.

Okay, finally the point to this post:

What might I do in it's place to enhance the game play? (Short of adding
every single patch on the Snippet site) =).

Thanks in advance,

Chris Grantham
Head Coder, EarthMUD

"Real life was never this cool.. until now."

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