[Offline Building Program] Just a link and a description

From: Rob Baumstark (shirak@CONNECT.AB.CA)
Date: 08/30/97

Well..., I was building an offline building program for a lab, and now that
it's finished, I have decided to post it for all to use.  It can handle
rooms, mobs, objects, and shops, and all of the zone commands to put them
together.  It is designed to handle all of the stock circle bitvectors, and
world formats, but the entire source is included in the install, so it
would be easy for anyone with MSVC++ 4+ to modify it to fit their world
format, though please leave credit to me somewhere.  A few features it has:

  It will linewrap descriptions at 75 chars wide (only on long
descriptions, it won't look at a names length for example)
  It will sort an unsorted .wld (obj, etc.) file by VNum. (there are lots
of building progs that create them unsorted)
  Unlike all those ones that just enter the info into a huge text-box, this
one will allow editing of already created stuff
  One of the lab requirements was to do something with the GUI, so it draws
a graph of the number of mobs of each  level in the MUD (I wanted to draw a
map, but I couldn't figure out how.  I will still do it, if someone can
tell me how to figure out where the rooms should go without having them
overlap or anything)

If you want to download it directly from here, it is at
http://www.connect.ab.ca/~rbmstrk/Shadowsoft CircleMUD World Editor.exe, or
you can get it off of my page of CircleMUD stuff for Windows, which i moved
to http://www.connect.ab.ca/~rbmstrk/ (the old address is a school address,
and I'm off for a semester)

If you find any problems, or bugs in it, please e-mail me (NOT THE LIST
HERE), or ideas that you would like added.
If you find it useful, please e-mail me, as I would like to know how much
effort I should put into maintaining/improving it (and whether I did a good
job, I haven't gotten my marks back yet.)

     Rob Baumstark:   shirak@connect.ab.ca

   Forsaken Realms:   telnet://drewl.v-wave.com:4000

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