[Admin] [SERIOUS PROBLEM] Vicious attacks on MUD?

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 08/31/97

It appears my MUD may be the victim of some odd occurrence...

It appears that at times, there will be attempts to connect from odd IPs,
including and  Suddenly massive lag will
ensue the MUD (but not the server... I'm on the shell or the 'builder'
version of the MUD and nothing happens).  Doing a reboot or copyover
(usually) solves the lag problem, but it can be SO severe that thge lag
can be up to several minutes.

Today it happened again while I was on. tried to
connect, and suddenly major lag.  So I went and tried to DNS it from my
own machine, and it didn't, so I pinged it, no response.

So what might fix this odd problem?  Basically, it appears that fake
connects are attempted, and it causes major lag on the program, including
causing the CPU resource time to shoot way up (after 24 hours of running,
the MUD uses less than 1 minute of CPU time at most.  When the fake
connects are attempted, it uses practically 80% of the CPU time!  Within
2 minutes the CPU time is well over a minute and a half).

- Chris Jacobson

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