Re: Suggestions for bpl12

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 09/01/97

On Mon, 1 Sep 1997, Co-Sysop wrote:

OK, Now I had enough of this, I'm gonna jump in... ;>

> How can you say you are not making any profit off of CircleMUD.  The sounds
> are to be used with CircleMUD and that is the reason you are selling them,
> right?  Basically your making it so people have to pay to use all of the

 Let me try this.... He will record CD's with the sounds for the mud..
Each CD would cost $2. Now let's say that all the expenses for recording,
massive production and shipping for 1000 CD's is $2000... And I'm sure it
is more... Ok, tell me now where's the profit?

> But I'm not a lawyer so I couldn't possibly know.  I would like to know why
> everyone wants to make money off of CircleMUD anyway?  The only thing that
> can happen as a result of charging people for CircleMUD is that CircleMUD
> will be replaced by some other game that everyone can play and that is free.

 Circle is under GPL? Right? I think it is... How about this...
Let's take a closer look on the disk drive in my computer... I have Linux
installed and XFree and a bunch of other stuff.. Hm... Wait This is
actually called Slackware distribution... Where did I get it? Oh... how
weird... In the store... for about $5!!! Now how about that! Someone is
selling Linux! Let's jsut put them in jail...
 Anyway, this is not exactly the same as sounds ffor mud, but it is very
similar... People are not making profit... Well if this is considered as a
profit, then this license sucks... People should write another one...

> legally binding agreement but who cares!  Just don't accept the money.  Try
> to keep the integrity of CircleMUD intact at least long enough for me to get
> mine up and running.

OK, how about this... Mud has 20 users... It's going ok.. Mud has 100
users suddenly everything is lagging... People ask why everything is
lagging and you say because the machine is too slow we need better CPU and
more RAM... People say hey no problem we will send you the money, each a
little bit and you will buy new CPU and RAM and then you say eh people
don't waste your time, I'm not allowed to accept money... And people go
sulk in the corner. And then in a month... you have a birthday and users
have have a cunning plan... you get some cash and a card... read card...
Hiii! Happy birthday, have fun and here is your present zillion bucks! Use
them wisely... And you go and buy a computer...

Would this be a violation of the license? *scratch*

But I might be kicking thin air again...


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