Re: [Idea] Spells & Skills

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 09/01/97

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997, Chris Grantham wrote:
> What might I do in it's place to enhance the game play? (Short of adding
> every single patch on the Snippet site) =).

Okay, how about not getting rid of the skills, rather just the ones that
you find too unrealistic.  Remove magic, too.  Then, add tons of new
skills, relative to what we actually do in real-life.  Lets say, just for
a few ideas, driving, social interaction, carpentry, typing, coding, etc.
Make different things in the mud dependent upon these skills.  Now, remove
the whole practice system.  As they say, practice makes perfect; let
advancement be totally from use.  I think the relavant patch is called
improve_skill; I know that's the function it uses.  Every character starts
off with the same capabilities, same potential, and it's up to the player
to make the character what they wnat.
How's that for an idea, even though it does include making a bunch of
skills, but hey, if you want a good, unique mud...


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