ascii pfiles HELP

From: Cyber Reaper (cyber@OAK.ALPINE.NET)
Date: 09/02/97

ok... I have installed the ascii pfiles and the fix...
there were no rejects....
running Circle30bpl11 in a freeBSD shell...
and it runs great... untill I shut it down, then I get a core dump...
with the following info displayed in GDB

#0  0x7f0bc in fclose ()
#1  0x163c in init_game (port=4000) at comm.c:250
#2  0x1504 in main (argc=3, argv=0xefbfdd88) at comm.c:213

now... here are the lines...
---comm.c 210-217 -----
    sprintf(buf, "Running game on port %d.", port);

  return 0;

---comm.c 245 - 257  --------
 log("Closing all sockets.");
  while (descriptor_list)


  if (circle_reboot) {
    exit(52);                   /* what's so great about HHGTTG,
    anyhow? */

so... I play around with that.. have several other people play with
it... and no luck...
has anyone had this problem before? if so how did you fix it... the
crashes arnt a BIG problem.. untill I try to install copyover (tried
this before... )... if no one has had this problem before... can
anyone offer a educated guess as to what MIGHT be wrong?


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