From: Bode, Wyatt (wjbode@BEMIS.COM)
Date: 09/02/97

Just a couple quick questions...

Is there any real difference in C++ between a 'struct' and a 'class'
with all public data members (other than the fact that you could have
member functions)?  Just curious.

Also, what do you need to install for a Linux machine to compile C++
code?  I have installed Slackware (current version as of Aug. 27, 1997)
disk sets A, AP, D, F, K, and N.  The MUD compiles fine under gcc, but
whenever I compile any C++ file in gcc it compiles but gives link errors
about "ostream undefined".   I included "iostream.h", so what's the
problem?  BTW, if I substitute printf and scanf for cout and cin, it

Anyone else notice that the alignment function in fight.c is slightly
skewed?  Take a look:

/* When ch kills victim */
void change_alignment(struct char_data * ch, struct char_data * victim)
   * new alignment change algorithm: if you kill a monster with
alignment A,
   * you move 1/16th of the way to having alignment -A.  Simple and

This means that if someone has 1000 align (really good) and kills a mob
with an align of -500 (fairly evil), their align will go down to 969???
Is it just me, or should this be modified?

        -- Wyatt Bode

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