Re: Pissing off the players administration 97 01:40:51 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 09/02/97

> So hopefully this question can clear everything up for Andrew:
> Daniel, do you believe that anything that frustrates the players, but
> not enough to make them leave, is automatically a good thing?
>   [ ] Yes
>   [ ] No

I'm confused. Are you saying that Daniel believes that pissing-off
your players, but not to the point that you make them leave, is
*not* the Art of Administration? You see, he's completely caught
up in the words, unable to see the ideas and motivations behind
them. He understands how to run a mud properly, and he has good
intentions, but he has fallen for a popular fallacy... that you
have to frustrated players in a way that would make them want
to leave the mud. I cannot get this point across to someone who
will not listen and only responds aggressively despit my best

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