Re: Pissing off the players administration from "Daniel Koepke" at Sep 2, 97 03:50:39 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 09/02/97

> While I swore to myself I would not continue with the foolishness,
> I will break my promise (it was to myself, so it's not that big of
> a deal).  I am not caught up in the words, you are.  You are expressing
> the same idea as I am, but are crying foul over how I chose to
> initially express those ideas.  Whenever I explain how I initially
> chose to express the ideas, you agree with the ideas; then, when I
> state this is what I meant by my original statement, you suddenly
> disagree.  You are caught up and unable to get past the words, son,
> not me.

I know you know how to run a mud properly, and that you know
what it takes to be a good administrator. Your philosophy that
you stated does not match what I have (and you have agreed)
to be the Art of Administration. Your stated philosophy is
the same thing I've hard many administrators who were
self-destructing say. Those administrators should have known
better, but they thought it was their job to frustrate
players... they lost sight of the fact that the goal is
the player's enjoyment. I was merely trying to point out
that your stated philosophy and what you know to be the
true Art of Administration don't coincide.

> I responded quite aggressively, true.  Do I regret calling you an
> "idiot" several times (with varying degrees of adjectives)?  No,
> because that is what you are.

I think this speaks for itself. You realize an idiot saying
2 + 2 = 4 is still right? You can't avoid facts by stating
that the person giving them is an idiot. Besides that it's
not productive. Imagine how this would have played out if
you listened to what I said instead of taking the fact that
you know how to properly run a mud (which I don't disagree
with) and assumed I had nothing to say. You're stated
philosophy isn't incorrect in words, the idea it represents
is flawed. You should know better.

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