Re: Multiple Attack Spamming (was known as 'Is the list working?')

From: Philippe Durand (philippe@DURAND.NET)
Date: 09/03/97

> cc'ing this to the private 'everybody but Philippe' mailing list :P

*smile* That's funny... I just thought the list might not be working like
before. Thanks for the humor, I needed it... life's been slow lately.

Anyways, about the hit thing. Maybe you could combine the damage of the group,
and reference it like:

Joe's group hit the Big Monster real hard!

Or something of the sort, this would make maximum of 5 lines for sure! And
minimum of 2 lines if both characters are using single attacks (or groups
against monster)

Just an Idea (sounds good to me, I'm doing it on my MUD)

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