Re: mob loading stuff

From: Raf (picard@INDIGO.IE)
Date: 09/09/97

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, Stephen Wolfe wrote:

> ie. the builder knows the load command is logged, so he
> just zedits and area to load an exp mob for some mortal buddies, then
> resets the zone...i agree that it is somewhat pointless info as far as

Well....maybe add a function to checked for an unopened zone mob, like if
the area has no exits to/from the outside world, and if the zone is
unopened, make it so no exp or gold is given from mobs, and that all items
from that zone are NO_RENT.

> i mostly i have all loading, and giving of mobs and eq
> logged..with a stern warning that builders shouldn't do all of those
> improper things..but at the same time, a builder is able to just create
> a new obj, and rather than load it and give it himself, just modify the
> zone info to load the obj on the ground, and reset the zone..shrug...
> none of this has happened, but my paranoid admin tends to think that
> everyone will find a way to do something wrong...

Muhahah....log immortal get/give/drop/donate :)

Hmm...yes, I would probably be considered paranoid too >:)

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