Mac Telnet

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 09/10/97

        Seems like NCSA telnet versions 2.6 and 2.7 (and 2.7.2 I think)
simply send a linefeed/carrige return upon connection.  I was playing
around with it, and while I was able to login to say, a *nix account
without any noticable problems, I got an automatic return character when I
tried to login to the ftp port of a site.  Since default behavior of
circle is to disconnect when a return character is entered w/o a name, I
was able to duplicate and defeat this behavior simply -
        Go to the section in interpreter.c,

  case CON_GET_NAME:            /* wait for input of name */
    if (d->character == NULL) {
      CREATE(d->character, struct char_data, 1);
      CREATE(d->character->player_specials, struct player_special_data,1);
      d->character->desc = d;
-    if (!*arg)
-      close_socket(d);
+    if (!*arg) {
+        SEND_TO_Q("Invalid name, please try another.\r\n"
+                  "Name: ", d);
+        return;
-    else {
+    } else {
     if ((_parse_name(arg, tmp_name)) || strlen(tmp_name) < 2 ||
          strlen(tmp_name) > MAX_NAME_LENGTH ||
          fill_word(strcpy(buf, tmp_name)) || reserved_word(buf)) {
        SEND_TO_Q("Invalid name, please try another.\r\n"
                  "Name: ", d);

                Right. No problems then huh? Good.


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