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From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 09/10/97

>[SNiP SNiP]
>>         Basically, the way I want multiclassing to work, is similar to what
>> eventually became, 'remort classes'.
>>         When a char reaches level 30, they can hunt down a particluarnpc
>> and type, 'multi cleric'.  They'll then be a lvl 1 cleric (albiet with a
>> few hundred hp), and gain skills/spells in both classes as they progress.
>> However hp, mana, practices, etc, all increase at .3* the normal rate for
>> the new 2nd class.
>I just thought I'd throw in a comment here. A long time ago, I implemented
>this 'remort' system my mud (I called it multiclassing, but it's the same

Actually, using AD&D nomenclature (<g>), that is technically
dual-classing, not multi-classing :)

>I made it, so that when a character multiclassed (s)he would keep
>all the hp/mana/move, pracs as well as spells/skills.
>I wouldn't brag too much about the code, since it was one of the first
>things I modifyed on the mud *cackle* So, it was very, uhm... ugly code :)
>Anyway, this made for VERY powerfull characters. The mud allowed for any
>character to 'multiclass' three times, and thus aquire the skills of four
>classes and the hp/mana/move given by each of those. Considering the mud
>also had 100 mortal levels, this made for some pretty wacko characters in

>So, at some point in time, I simple made it so, that when a character
>multiclassed (s)he was set to 'level 1 stats' like every other newbie
>entering the game, only keeping the prac sessions and the skills aquired.
>Furthermore I added a spec-proc to allow players to buy hp/mana/moves from
>their practice sessions and some gold. I made it in a way, so that you
>could buy a max of like 200hp/mana/move whatever was your prime of the
>class compared to how many practice sessions you were supposed to be able
>to collect. This would make something like a 20% increase in your prime
>stat at the 'class' you decided to burn off the practice sessions to buy
>up the stats.

        One thing to do is to have special skills that only a
pure, single class character can use (*cough* RO *cough*).
When the player remorts, set a flag in the player struct
that this character is now dual(/multi) class and no longer
eligible for these special skills.  That would give some
incentive for remaining single class (these would have to be
skills or spells powerful enough to make it worthwhile to
remain single class, but not so powerful as to discourage
multi-classing... easier said than done :)
        Also, limiting multi-classing based on race might have
some balancing effect (only humans can dual-class in AD&D,
for example).
        And finally, only allow multi-classing with the base
classes, so you don't have
running about all over the place ;)

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