coding.doc: Adding socials

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 09/10/97

Here's another coding.doc addition, nitpick it. :)

+ 3.2. Adding Socials
+       Socials are perhaps the easist part of CircleMUD to extend.  There
+is a file in the lib/misc/ called 'socials' which contains all the appropriate
+messages for all the socials.  Here is an example of one from that file:
+comb 0 0
+You comb your hair -- perfect.
+$n combs $s hair, what a dashing specimen!
+You patiently untangle $N's hair -- what a mess!
+$n tries patiently to untangle $N's hair.
+$n pulls your hair in an attempt to comb it.
+That person is not here.
+You pull your hair, but it will not be combed.
+$n tries to comb $s tangled hair.
+       The first line of this has the name of the command and two
+settings.  The socials do not have to be in alphabetical order bt it is
+recommended.  The first number is either 1 or 0 and only affects whether
+people see you do socials when you are invisible.  A 1 means hide the social.
+The second number is the minimum position of the victim.  For values, check
+structs.h.  For a more detailed look at the format of this file, refer to
+socials.doc.  Once you have the messages added to the socials file, just add
+a line such as this to the interpreter.c command table:
+  { "hug"      , POS_RESTING , do_action   , 0, 0 },
+       The social is named 'hug' (which must agree with what is put in
+the socials file.  You can do it when resting, sitting, or standing.  The
+The third entry is always do_action for socials.  The fourth field is the
+level you have to be do do this social (snowball is LVL_IMMORT) and the
+last entry will always be 0 for socials.
+       Here's the much coveted list of $ codes applicable to socials:
+Code   Result          Based on
+$e     he/she          person doing social
+$E     he/she          target of social
+$m     him/her         person doing social
+$M     him/her         target of social
+$n     char name       person doing social
+$N     char name       target of social
+$s     his/her         person doing social
+$S     his/her         target of social

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