From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 09/13/97

Warning! Recently, someone from loa.com (deity.loa.com or
slip009.loa.com) has logged onto my mud claiming to be a coder. After
logging on, he waited for me to leave and then proceeced to tell our
head coder that he had permission to view the code. After gaining a copy
of the code, he proceeded to run the code on his server, and change all
means of tracing it back to me, the true owner.  After seeing this, I
ordered that he delete the code, and waited. He "deleted" the code, and
I went on my way. The next day, someone of the name Beliwyn logged onto
my mud, claiming to know where a copy of the code was running. I asked
where, and after getting the address, proceeded to check the validity of
these claims. They were well founded. I then decided that I would do
everything I could to track down the person who stole the identity of my
mud, and had a conversation with this Beliwyn person trying to get all
information possible about the person. I found that this persons name is
Adam (last name not included in post) and he lives in Rhode Island.
After gaining this information, I checked various sources of
information, and found his phone number. I called him, and (him being
only 13 (Possibly younger, he talks higher than a prepubescent female))
I had a chat with his father. Luckily for me, his father ordered that
this boy delete all traces of the mud and its code from his server, and
made sure that the problem was handled correctly. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN
TO YOU!! I have reason to believe that my mud isnt the only one targeted
by this person! If someone from the domain of loa.com logs into your mud
claiming to be a coder, be wary! This person used the nick Yaksha on my
mud, however on the copy of my mud, he went by the name Destroyer. If
you have had an attempt to steal the source code of your mud by this
person, please email me at: cybom@netropolis.net. ALSO, if you run
GodWars or the like, email me. I have information about your mud that
relates to this person and Beliwyn, as mentioned before.


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