Re: RECALL (and cloning too)

From: doppsoft (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 09/13/97

>-+Also, on Envy, and other MERC derivatives, there is a command that clones
>-+an object (they have object re-stringing, so this is useful)  Anyone have
>-+this code converted from Envy?  It also has recursive cloning for
>-+containers.  In other words, it copies everything in a container.
>-+Speaking of cloning, I personally think this should be put into the shop
>-+code, so that you can have a 'box' of stuff for sale, and sell the entire
>-+container.  Although to do this, you would have to take the value of all
>-+objects in the container too.
>Uhm, you mean calling load_object() twice to create two distinct versions
>of one object?  Or...?

No...Ok, let's explain it this way.  In Envy, you can re-string an
object.  I did a minor version of this too.  Restringing being changing
the string of an object to have something with the same stats, but
different text.  So you can turn a 'great helm' into a 'silly blue hat'
by changing the long, short and alias strings.  What cloning does is
copies the object AND the changes in the strings.  It's also a fast way
of copying a bunch of stuff in a bag.  Say you have 'standard
re-imbursement eq' for when a crash causes a loss of eq.  You just clone
the bag, one command, and all the eq inside is cloned.  This helps,
because then you don't have to load up each object individually.  Just a
fast way to do admin stuff.

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