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Date: 09/15/97

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> Subject: Re:  RECALL
> Date: Monday, September 15, 1997 6:21 AM
> At 07:09 PM 9/13/97 -0700, Daniel Koepke wrote:
> >
> >Uhm, no...cut-and-paste, regardless of what some CS teacher might
> >say, is not a viable way to program.  First, all you learn is how to
> >use the cut-and-paste features of your editor.  Second, your code
> >will begin to suck--and I mean quick.  If all you do is cut-and-paste,
> >you'll never improve on the code you're cutting-and-pasting.  Before
> >you even start to cut-and-paste, you should know how to code.  And by
> >the time you know how to code, you should know that there are so
> >many ways to do the same thing that you can't possibly have the best
> >possible way--and shouldn't drag along legacy code.
> I think you misunderstood what I was saying.  I have a command that does
> something cool.  I want a spell that does the same cool things exactly like
> the command.  I don't write that code from scratch.  Why would I want to?  I
> already have a working verson of what I want to do.  Now let's say I want to
> do something that I haven't put anywhere else in the code but I know someone
> who has something that works just like I want it to.  It would be a much
> better idea to see if I can get the code from that person than to go and
> waste a lot of time writing something that is already written.  Don't go
> through the trouble of inventing a light bulb when you have a light bulb
> shop across the street.  If you want to spend hours writing code that is
> already written just so you can say you made yourself seems a bit
> unneccessary to me.
> Now before you went and said that everything I said was wrong maybe you
> should have paid more attention to what I was talking about a recall command
> that would work just like a recall spell could easily just be copyied to
> save time.  Mindlessly duplicating it by hand isn't really going to help you
> as much as spending time on more complicated and important tasks.  Sure you
> could write a recall command from scratch just to brag that you wrote a
> recall command from scratch.  You could also put shoes on your hands and
> walk on your feet.  My point is that sometimes imitating someone else's work
> is a lot more important than your desire to have people respect your ability
> to do something different (which they don't always respect anyway).

  I agree with daniel in thinking that the original author needs to reinvent
wheel, because he has no idea what the wheel is. The context of the original
message would indicate that the author needs to pick up the "learning to
program" book again and dive in.
  Now before you go and make a sweeping generalization about copy-paste,
look at the circumstances. Remember doing homework in school? Sure the
answers where alread in the back of the why do them?

Franco Gasperino
Cutting Edge Communications

> I would ask not to be flamed but since someone will do it anyway try to do
> so intelligently.
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