Cost of objects

Date: 09/15/97

Hi, all.

I'm somewhat new at imp'ing, and at coding in general, so sorry if this
question seems rather dumb. :P

I was just thinking about the cost of objects, and how on many muds the
entire gold and object system gets so messed up that even newbies have
approximately as much money as Bill Gates.  So I am thinking, how could I
make sure this doesn't screw up my MUD really bad?

I know that with careful game balance and such, this should be virtually a
non-existant problem.  But just in case....(Warning: I am about to actually
get to the point!)

I was thinking (there's that darned word again) that maybe I could write a
nifty little function that, on every boot, would calculate the cost of every
single object.  What I mean here is that it could check for the total number
of gold coins that exist in the world and object files, then check the number
of each object that exist, also factoring in the original cost and how good
the object is.  Then, using a magic formula, it would set the cost of each

I know there would be a few drawbacks to this system (such as players
hoarding money and items to drive up values), but it would be a bit more
realistic and would add to the overall unpredictability of the game.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else done anything even remotely close to
what I am trying to explain here? Any suggestions or comments would be of
value as well.

Thanks for all your help!


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