Re: Cost of objects

From: Iain E. Davis (feaelin@SOCKETS.NET)
Date: 09/16/97

>ObCircle Economy:
>  What do you think about dropping the gold field and making money
objects, just
>like anything else?  With various coinage/gems and all the conversion

I've been kicking around the idea of adding several coinage fields so that
I would
have 'denominations'.  Part of that plan was to assign a weight value to each
coin and factor that in to a player's 'weight carried'.  If you made each
coin an
obj, I think you would run into problems with the limit on the number of items

>fortunes without pay large fees to banks, or large amounts of money to pay
>your own fortress to protect it.  Or is this a little too much realism,

On the note of paying for fortresses to could probably
a 'monthly expenses' a reflection of the various expenses that an adventurer
would incur that aren't already reflected in the game system.  You could
tie this
to the player's level to reflect the greater wealth and corresponding higher
status of the upper level characters.   This would 'drain-off' some of that
excess cash that a good mud-player will try to accumulate.

Another way to chew up the player's funds is to add in item damageability...
especially armor and weapons.  A sword doesn't keep it's edge long being
pounded against dragonhide and the like.  Have it wear down and need repair,
make the weaponsmith/blacksmith/armorer charge some outrageous (not so
outrageous that everyone hates it though) price to repair equipment.

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