coding problem with a character creation addition (mem leak?)
Date: 09/16/97

in structs.h I have added a pointer to my char_creation routine, it IS at
the top of descriptor data.

struct current_table {
        int nuyen;
        byte skill_pts;
        byte attrib_pts;
        bool magic; /* 0 not set 1 no magic 2 magic */
        byte magic_pts;
        bool race; /* 0 not set, 2 metahuman 1 human */

struct char_creation {
  struct current_table stats[6];
  byte priority;

struct descriptor_data {
struct char_creation *create;  /* this added to descriptor data */

In interpreter.c in my nanny() I added

 if (d->character == NULL) {
     CREATE(d->character, struct char_data, 1);
     CREATE(d->character->player_specials, struct player_special_data, 1);
          if (d->create == NULL) {
                 CREATE(d->create, struct char_creation, 1);
                 memset((char *) d->create, 0, sizeof(struct
     d->character->desc = d;

right after I use the creation table I do a

if (d->create) free(d->create);

Also, just for safety, in comm.c I added to close_socket
if (d->create) free(d->create);

Now, When I try to use this code my mud crashes on a MALLOC failure, it
says it can't allocated memory, but if I comment out all relevent portions
of this code the mud runs fine.  I could manage to scrounge up a
a core dump, but it doesn't give a line or any .c file for a reference,
just a malloc failure.  Perhaps someone could see something I might have
overlooked ?


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