Re: OS

From: David Kasprzyk (djk@NB.NET)
Date: 09/16/97

Pete Wolfe wrote:

> I was wondering what is the most popular, efficient os to compile and
> run circle mud under. I have heard Linux is good and am considering
> getting it. Anyone wanna convince me yeah or nay?
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Personally I like Linux. The best reason is that it is FREE. You can
download it from a number of different places. If you have little or no
experience with Linux you are probably better off buying something like
Red Hat Linux 4.x (it has a really nice menu driven installation program)
for like 40-50 dollars US. Or you could get IDG BOOKS Linux Secrets book
(thick book) which I believe comes with a slackware release on CD for
about the same price.
Hope this helps.

  David J Kasprzyk

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