Medit and Oedit problem in Obuild
Date: 09/18/97

I'm using the most recent version that I am aware of, v.7 of obuild, but I
still am getting crashes with medit and oedit, if i edit an object that
currently exists it usually goes haywire.  After I edit the existing
object, the one in my inventory is non-accesaable by conventional means, I
can't get it, drop it, but I can do drop all, or get all, then I purge it
on the ground, and crash bang boom.  Now I though fix_obj_strings
restructed pointers to the right place.  But, i don't know, and the core
just says, malloc failure, sometimes when It free's, sometimes when It
allocates, I've installed the dmalloc lib and it says its in str_dup,
sometimes and in handler.c in the free(stringlist) in isname.  Has anyone
else encounter these problems ?  Another wierd thing is I have a struct
struct test {
char *name;
int i;
I allocate memory with CREATE for test, then allocate memory as needed for
name, then I free name, then free test, for some reason it doesn't seem to
be set to null, so after I free'd test I do a test = NULL, I was wondering
if this was standard behavior ?


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