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From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 09/19/97

At 12:15 AM 9/18/97 -0400, Stephen Wolfe wrote:
>first..what's to stop the character from just removing all of his
>equipment and giving it to a hold character until he remorts...even if
>you have level restrictions that will make the character unable to use
>the equipment for a while, it would save them millions of gold...and the
>character won't have to lose possession of them..

>second..doing all the remorts by hand is not only "sloppy" like you said,
>its also rather silly...i mean..how are the implementors going to know
>when a person is ready for remorting? is the player going to mudmail
>imps, and set up a remort appointment? will you wait until they reach
>immortality then ask them if they want to remort? now..i'm assuming that
>you want everyone to remort, and aren't going to have immortals that are
>raised by leveling (based on the stuff you said about taking their eq)..
>so, you'd have to anticipate when the player is going to remort, or wait
>for them to notify you (leaving them stagnant cause they can't level any

First of all, I don't use level restrictions.  It's just not something I
really need or want at this moment.  Now to address the problem with holding
eq until postremortum...  I hadn't actually thought of this yet.  What I am
considering with regard to remorting is that the player contacts me while I
am on the mud or mudmails me (I try to be available as much as possible and
flexible job hours help out a lot) and I tell them to go do something for me
to show that they are worthy of a remort (quest).  when they are done they
will prove to me that they accomplished the quest.  Then they remort.  But
before they remort (i'm paranoid but I run a tight ship) I might just look
at their eq to see if they are still carrying all of their items and gold
(which is almost all destroyed at remort) and if they are neckid and
pennyless I will know that something is up...At that time I will have to
decide what will be done about them (transfer of items after remort is just
like transfer of items from one char you own to another, and it is to be

I know this may be a bit confusing...I will try to explain my remort system
step by step to see if I can clarify things a bit:

player reaches level 71
player informs me (at this moment I control all remorts personnally) of
their        interest in remorting.
I give player a quest.  (then I try to hang around a while)
player completes quest and comes to me with proof
I congratulate them and do a few security checks manually
If they are doing naughty things I decide what needs to be done.
if they are clean I use my remort command.
player becomes level 1 of a new class (their class remains pure)
all of their stats are reduced to around what a level 1 would have
* their skills are all set to 0% (the remort process has the nasty habit of
turning them back into clumsy newbies again)
* all of their flags are removed (I won't remort a killer or thief)
* spell effects are also removed
eq is removed from player
* eq is placed in storage until it is bought back
* storage area is saved in a file with some way to tell which item(s) go
with        which player(s)
* when player enter shop they can buy back only their own items and when the
item is bought it is removed from the file
* extra stuff to make sure items in containers are all taken out and saved as

the ones with * in front of them are ones I may need help coding.  the rest
I think I can handle (although I might accidently nuke a few players when I
get some buggy code).  Whether my remort system will work in game and in RP
are not a major concern right now (but input on the subject is often helpful).
If I ever get my remort system up I will probably post a copy on the
internet for anyone to get and I will even include instructions that even a
newbie could understand.
But I think most admins would rather everything be automated...
>> Don't bother with replies like "read the code" because I have read it but
>> without much knowledge of c (i am learning quite a bit from all of my
>i hear ya, but still..it seems to me that you are trying to avoid doing
>any coding (or anything beyond cut and paste)...all you need is one

I work damn hard for my MUD!  I am main coder, main implementor, main
builder, and damn near anything else that needs done is done by me (lazy
co-imps got demoted to demi-gods for not doing anything)  I hardly use any
snippets because I don't trust them enough to do what I want the way I want
and although I do have plenty of trouble programming C, I still try.  My
previous posts may have implied that all I want to do is cut+paste but I can
assure you that is far from the truth.
(this is not an attack, sorry if it may have sounded like one.  Just trying
to get my point across)

>function stuck in the advance_level function that would check level, and
>if appropriate give the remort menus (or however you want to do it)..or
>you could have it so that the character would stop gaining exp at a given
>level, and they have to go to another guild and join it..getting set to
>level one for that class...anyway..i guess my point is..unless you plan
>to be on your mud 24/7, and only have a few users (so that you will know
>all the details about them)..you're going to need to find a code solution...
>and even then...you have to figure out what you want to do about
>characters just giving their good eq to a hold character...

I'm workin on it.  coding the whole thing and eliminating the need for a imp
present at the time of remort is a great idea...but then security would be
all shot to hell.  I might keep it my way and just add in some code so an
lvl71 can't give.  That way they can't get the exp to level without their
equipment and they can't give their eq away after they gain that last level.
When I think about it, an immortal shouldn't be giving anything to a mortal
anyway.  But I still have lots to do (9 remort classes to add).
Long message, my apologies. ends here :)

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