[CODE] Additional features & ideas for bpl12

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 09/19/97

This is a couple of changes that I have decided to make to CircleMUD for
a couple of reasons.  The cloning was done for two reasons, first, to
allow shopkeepers to sell 'boxes' of stuff, like a box of shells for a
gun.  Secondly, it allows immortals to copy one object, or a group of
object, even if they are changed, and keep any changes that are made.

The recall was done for one main reason: saving coding.  To constantly
have to copy and paste the recall code anywhere you need it is a pain to
begin with, but when you add many variable to where a player is recalled
to, that makes a BIG mess.  For example, on my MUD (currently) there are
7 hometowns, and when you recall, you end up in your own home town.
However, if you use a 'homing crest' you can go to the city of the crest.
 And if you are a vampire, you go to the 'catacombs' of the city.  Also,
the recall code appears in about 5-6 locations in the code and that is an
awful lot of wasted space.

Also, something to note about the cloning.  It currently will change any
different string on an object.  For example, if you somehow changed the
alias of an object (by drinking all it's liquid for example) then it will
copy that change.  So far, only aliases and action_description can be
altered in the code.  (The action_description is changed when you write
on a note)  Until some measure is done to save these changes in the rent
file, the next time the player logs on, the changes will be gone.  As far
as I know, the best way to fix this is to convert your house files & rent
files to ASCII text files.  This is not an easy conversion, but it is
useful, especially if you happen to draw up a map on a note and want to
save it.  And no, I will not help you convert your MUD to ASCII rent

Unfortunately, due to the max size on messages here, I cannot send it to
the list (even trying to split it up) and the circlemud ftp is currently
down.  If you would like it, please e-mail me with the subject "Code
requested".  Please note, this is not a simple patch, and you have to do
a lot of finding and searching.  I strongly recommend reading through the
code, understanding WHAT it does before you install it.

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