Re: [CODE] Recall/Clone code on FTP

From: Chris Proctor (cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU)
Date: 09/20/97

> Has anyone ever considered changing some of the spec_procs to being
> simple MOB_FLAGS?  For example, changing the spec_thief to being a
> MOB_THIEF flag, so that mobs can have easier, and more settable
> characteristics?  I am wondering what other features people suggest to
> make mobs seems more 'realistic' besides custom spec_procs.  Something
> more 'generic' that can be applied to more than one mob.

I've added several especs which do things like that. Easy enough. Stuff
like MinLevel: to prevent a mob from attacking a player below a certain
level, and whatnot. Coding things like this in is much more flexible than
writing a new spec_proc each time, plus you can have multiple especs on a
mob, where you can only have one spec_proc.
So you just add more CASE() thingos to the parse_espec doodad, put some
checks in the aggro mob code, the perform_give function, perform_violence
function (for having mobs cast random spells in combat or whatever), and
so forth.

Plus it gives builders more options when building zones, allowing them to
design small quests without needing access to the code. Things like
finding the missing crown jewels and returning them to the king to get a
huge reward, or having to find two objects and join them together to make
the only weapon that can defeat a powerful dragon. Or whatever.

RE: Saving objects.
One of the first changes I made to my code was to allow saving of all
object fields except extra descriptions, so you can modify an object
online and have the changes stick, useful for renames, making once off
quest items and so forth.

It's a simple change to make, but unless you write a converter for the
object files it'll require a purge.

RE: ASCII pfiles and objfiles.
I'd rather not, myself. Sure an ASCII pfile is conceptually easier, and
avoids certain problems, but I prefer the speed of a binary pfile.
Also, while it's true that anyone who can hack into your server will
doubtless be able to modify binary piles nearly as easily as ASCII, the
average person who knows nothing about administrating a mud, and happens
to get the password of someone who has root access will only be able to
delete files or modify the helpfiles. Not too major.
With ASCII pfiles though, it's a completely different case. They might be
able to modify their own file without arousing anyone's suspicions, not
something I like to have to worry about.
Of course, I keep my passwords to myself, but I don't run the server, and
know of at least five people with root access. All it would take is one
to choose a foolish password. *shrug*

Similar case to a bike lock, which any experienced thief will laugh at.
It'll stop 99% of the thieves. Just because it's not 100% effective
doesn't mean it's worthless.

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