[RP] [Code] [Newbie] [Brainstorm] Race Specific Classes: Help!!!

From: Neuromancer (amarquez@TRINITY.EDU)
Date: 09/20/97

I'm in sort of a jam here and was hoping for some ideas.
I'm attempting to convert the D&D base of Circlemud to
WhiteWolf ... that said:

I have both races and classes implemented on my system ...
the problem is I want to be able to have race specific classes
(the classes are accessible only by that one class).
The biggest part of my dillema is that each race has approximately
thirteen classes that are specific to it. Furthermore, if the player
gets good enough, I would like to make him able to cross over and be
able to become a class of a different race [for those of you who play
whitewolf, races = vampires/werewolves/mages, classes = clans, tribes,
traditions ... crossing over would be like a Werewolf also becoming
a vampire, thus having his original tribe gifts, but gaining access
to vampiric clan disciplines]. The main part of my problem lies in
figuring out how to code so many different class types
while still allowing players to cross-access classes at some point.
(I believe it's a bitvector thing ... should i just define a LOT
of space for the possible 42+ classes?).

I want to take care of this before I go to far so I won't be corrupting
my data file constantly ....
                                        -Angel Marquez
Oh, and BTW, if I've made mistakes ... feel free to laugh, just don't

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