-Subject Tags-

From: Corey Crawford (choitsma@NETCOM.COM)
Date: 09/21/97

Lo folks.. just wanted to mention something..

you DON'T need to have 5 diffrent tags on a subject line,
you don't need: [newbie] [code] [help] [ideas] [crash]

Just give ONE or TWO tags that sum up what the whole thing is about..
if it's about coding, and it's newbie.. do [newbie, coding]
if it's about ideas, even if it is newbie, just do [ideas]

You don't need to give us all the adjectives that could fit yer
message :)

Thanks.. just gettin' sick of paragraph long subjects..

Corey Crawford      (Yes, it use to be Hoitsma)
- Myrddin                tazmania.ah.net 7000 -

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