[ Code ] Zone table *blink*

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 09/21/97


OK, can somebody tell me if I'm insane or something... *grin*

I have declared

 int i = 0;
 int counter = 0;
 int zon_num = 0;
 extern zone_data *zone_table;
 extern int top_of_zone_table

and then I do this:

for (i = 1; i <= top_of_zone_table; i++) {
     zon_num = zone_table[i].number;
     if (area_visited(ch, zon_num));

and compiler has decided that this cannot be compiled... The error I get
on line : zon_num = zone_table[i].number; is:

utils.c: In function `get_visited':
utils.c:762: arithmetic on pointer to an incomplete type
utils.c:762: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

*blink* I'm confused... I've seen something like this working before...
Anyway... Is there something I'm missing?


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