Re: [RP] [Code] [Newbie] [Brainstorm] Race SpecificClasses:Help!!!

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 09/22/97

>> (I believe it's a bitvector thing ... should i just define a LOT
>> of space for the possible 42+ classes?).

Try this:  use different numbers in the player struct for
class/sub-class.  So the current class var could store the
basic class (warrior, cleric, mage, thief, psi), and a new
variable, call it subclass, would contain the specific
sub-class within that class (paladin, druid, bard, etc.).
This way you can do everything with integers and have a
ridiculous number of classes.
I did this once and had something like:
#define CLASS_CLERIC  2

#define WARRIOR_WARRIOR 0 /* Basic warrior */
#define WARRIOR_PALADIN 1 /* Sub-classes */

#define CLERIC_CLERIC  0
#define CLERIC_DRUID   1


It's a lot more work, of course, as you have to re-write
your menu system for character creation, the parse_class
function and a bunch of other stuff, but it does give you
all the classes you could possibly want.

You can do a similar thing with races as well.
(e.g. elf ==> drow, high, sylvan, aquatic, etc.)

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