Re: [Code Request] Equipment occupying multiple spots (bitvector EQ)

From: Chris Grantham (casper@OPTIMA.MME.WSU.EDU)
Date: 09/22/97

Chris Grantham wrote:

> Chris Jacobson wrote:
> > (If I
> > do it and I can I will share code, but my Circle is sooo far from
> > stock,
> > I dont know if it would be easily patchable).
> >

Apologies all, I didn't quite read it right. I thought he was saying
something to the effect of 'I might not be able to patch in your code,
because mine's so different' Not what he was really saying.

If you want to patch the code in, just write down what changes you do,
untar a fresh circle, apply those changes, (test), and make a diff from

Sorry again,

> Hmm, if your code is 'sooo far from stock', do it yourself ;-) It's
> not
> all that hard of a task.
> Chris
> "Everyone is entitled to MY opinion."  --Unkown

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