Re: [Code Request] Equipment occupying multiple spots (bitvector EQ)

From: Trey B. Shewmake (yert@MAD.SCIENTIST.COM)
Date: 09/23/97

I had thought of something else, as well - the fact that you can wear
multiple items of clothing on the same area.  (shirt, sweater,
coat...undertunic, tunic, cloak...etc)  I've played on muds where
_amount_ of clothing affected AC (and how you were affected by inclement
weather) - this could also be taken into consideration.....I'm not sure
how to do it - multiple WEAR locations, perhaps? BODY1, BODY2, BODY3?


Doppleganger Software wrote:
> >Has anyone here imp'd bitvector EQ / EQ that can occupy multiple spots?
> >For example, a Two-Handed-Sword that occupies both HOLD and WIELD... or a
> >Full suit of platemail?  Perhaps cursed (unremoveable) handcuffs that
> >occupy HOLD, WIELD, and LIGHT?  :-)
> Oooo!  Thanks for the idea!  This actually can be used for some other
> thoughts as well.  Perhaps items that don't take up the slot, but are
> still there (for example, underwear)
> >If so, care to share code?  Or have tips/ideas to go about doing it (If I
> >do it and I can I will share code, but my Circle is sooo far from stock,
> >I dont know if it would be easily patchable).
> Ok, here's my thought, a secondary bitvector in the items (obviously this
> means a change in the .obj files) that decides what positions the eq
> occupies.  Then, possibly, a number to designate the position that it
> shows in the eq list.  With this, you may even want to add a few new
> positions that are non-settable, like "covering entire body" or something
> similar.  Then, when the player wears it, it checks to see if all
> positions set are taken, then set the object as that position.  Then,
> when checking for new items, instead of JUST checking to see if the slot
> is open, check all positions, in case one of them has multiple positions.
> On a related note, here is another thought for an addition, something I
> have added to my MUD.  The idea is some objects cover other positions.
> For example, if you are wearing full plate gauntlets, no one will know
> what rings you are wearing.  However, if you are wearing fingerless
> gloves, they will know.  In this case, another bitvector could be added
> with eq positions, this time deciding what positions are covered.
> Just a thought for others.  Thanks for this thought Chris....just wish I
> could get a site to implement and test it myself.
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