Re: [CODE] [LONG] Equipment occupying multiple spots

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 09/23/97

>Of course, I had to re-code wear_message(), and perform_wear(). I'm going
>to be a nice guy and stick the code for perform_wear() at the end. You
>should be able to figure out wear_message() just fine. It's a simple
>That will give each player (and mobs) TWO HANDS and two hands only. They
>can hold two items, wield two weapons, hold something and wield
>something, wield something and wear a shield, wield a two-handed weapon,
>or any combination like that.
>[code snipped]

I did something very similar, if not exactly the same.  The only
difference was the way.  Instead of all that extra code, I just added a
function called get_hands_free(ch)  It returns the number of hands free.
The code then goes in and checks to see if the player has enough hands
free for the item.  I have my 3 wield positions (good hand, off hand,
both hands), hold, light, & shield.  Then, inside the checks of
perform_wear, where it checks to see if the position is open, it checks
to see if the number of hands needed is less or equal to the number of
hands free.  I also have a 4 handed race (insect warriors) and so that
way they can use all 4 (but no more than 2 weapons)  It's a little
simpler in my opinion.

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