Re: [ Ideas ] Maximum weight, maximum objects player can carry

From: Darklord (mattm@SATYRS.ENGR.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 09/25/97

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997, David Klasinc wrote:

>  Did anyone tried to hold 60 items in their hands and fight at the same
> time?!!? I find it a little bit stupid.. :))

 Yes.. i find it to be HELLA STUPID.. why dont people try to make a mud
realistic.. or have some kind of futuristic out look that might someday
become real..  Even if we were in the ear 3000.. people (ie humans) would
not have like 60 arms to hold 60 fucken things.. and yet another arm
to wield the sword..

  If i wanted to be stipid.. i would create a char with 60 dicks and have
him dick-slap you in the face that many times.

  Now thats stupid.

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