Re: Liscensing and Copyrights

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 09/25/97

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, David Kasprzyk wrote:

>     Well let's look at the big software companies. Let's say Adobe Systems Inc.
> produces a piece of software that runs in the Microsoft Windows 95 GUI software.
> The Adobe software will not run in the MS DOS 7.0 OS, it will only run in the
> Windows 95 GUI software that runs on the DOS 7.0 OS. Just like Circle MUD runs on
> an OS and the external functions that people write use the functions within Circle
> MUD. The Adobe software still uses the functions of a copyrighted MS Windows with
> the only requirement for Adobe being that they notify the buyer of their software
> that MS Windows is copyrighted and that the MS and Windows logos are registered.
>     Another example would be Avery Dennison Office Products (the label people)

Examples are nice, but you're comparing apples and oranges.  Nobody is
using microsoft's source code, only their function and macro names, which
aren't (but could be) trademarked.  There is no requirement for adobe to
mention windows or microsoft, but if they do mention either, they are
required to acknowledge that microsoft holds the trademark to the name.

>     On a more personal opinion note. Circle is suppose to be free ware, as intended
> by its author.

Huh?  I've never seen that said.  Freeware is normally synonymous with
"public domain", which is impossible without breaking the original diku

> As normal social etiquette would dictate the purpose for this is
> that if you are capable of creating some new code that enhances the software that
> was GIVEN to you, you would be expected to repay that kindness with an offering of
> your own. This is what I consider the spirit of the statements set forth by the
> creators of Circle MUD. Although Bill Gates didn't accumulate 36 billion dollars by
> sticking to the spirit of his agreements, just the letter.

We certainly won't refuse any code or areas you care to share.


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