Re: [ Ideas ] Maximum weight, maximum objects player can carry

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 09/25/97

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> Which reminds me, muds suck for exploration.  The scale is off
> horribly (last I checked, it took just about any steps to get from
> one of the city gates in Midgaard to South Midgaard as it did to get
> to the great Eastern Desert), and cities and entirely different
> ecosystems are stuck together.  Midgaard has a lush forest, dry
> fields, mountains, a cave (for the Newbie Area) in the middle of
> nowhere, a desert, etc., etc. all around it in roughly the same
> distance.  Talk about weather microsystems...:)

*giggle* True... it really sucks, that's why the best thing is to trash
the stock areas and start from the beginning and design everything like it
should be.... And make rivers really like rivers, not like the one in
Midgaard, which just emerges out of the ground and then disappears under
the brigde, or something like that... :)

Weather is another story... My opinion is that weather should go out and
all that stupid messages about sunrise/sunset and stuff like that... Face
it, you can't write a nice description for a room if players are getting
these kind of messages... I'm planning (for some time now) to make weather
area wide, not mud wide, so if someone decides to make some mountains with
snow, that there is a chance it will snow there, but at the same time it
will not snow in hm, some desert or tropical rainforest *grin* I think
that there should be also a flag that will prevent weather and time
changing in the zone... ie, some evil magician cursed the whole land to be
barried with the snow, or to never have rain and stuff. These things add
quite much to roleplaying...

So if you want more RP mud it's good to at _least_ thing about them, i
think *giggle*

Hm, then there is another idea... To prevent people leveling too fast..
and to kill the same mobs over and over again, to stop the mud being h'n's
mud, I made it that player has a record in how many areas and which ones
he was already... So upon leveling It should be just a check, if player
has visited x areas... :) Oh, and to get area marked as visited, you have
to do something useful, not just teleport there and wiggle your butt.. ;>


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