Re: [REALLY Newbie] Thac0 and saving throws

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 09/27/97

On Saturday, September 27, 1997 3:31 PM, Rasdan [SMTP:rasdan@PEAK.ORG] wrote:
> >         I know what you mean.  As well if you look you will notice that
> > the cleric actually has a -better hit table than a thief-.  As for the
> > bottom
> > of the curve dropping off at level 20, original diku was made for 21
> > mortal
> > levels.  I guess these tables were never more than just quickly hacked
> > for
> > 30 levels.
> >
> >         At this point, even working it out with a DM's guide next to me
> > would cause some problems.  I've just implemented multiclass, which means
> > quite a few to-hit tables added.  The thought of editing them all makes
> > be cringe.
> >
> > -Jac 'Heh maybe the best solution would be to go back to 21 levels'
> >
> Nah, leave it as many levels as you desire, and remove all the tables.
> They're lame, hard to configure, and are quite arbitrary. Instead,
> develop formulas so that thac0 and throws go down at a rate variable to
> their level.

Better yet, yank thac0 and the rest of that crap and install a real
skill and attribute based system. thac0 is a holdover from the days
when a mark 1 human computer had to do the math. These days
the mud server can surely resolve any combat calculation in under
10 msec. The change will be noted and appreciated by your players.
The world hardly needs another mud with stock combat...If you are
wanting a new system, take a look at GURPS. While I am not using
their system, I would be lying to say that I don't use it for reality
checks for the system I have created in house.

Flameproofing:  For those who would devise a calculation that takes
longer, go back and optimize it first.

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