Re: Coding: Char's VNUM from "Daniel Koepke" at Sep 28, 97 06:50:20 pm

From: Aaron Miller (Tarus50@CONCENTRIC.NET)
Date: 09/28/97

> On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, Aaron Miller wrote:
> -+I've been re doing score, and I would like it to display the current vnum
> -+the character is in. So, I've been trying to find the variable that holds
> -+this. I've looked through the few places it might be mentioned in the
> -+code, (olc, mainly) and greped for vnum and found nothing useful.. Does
> -+anyone know what this variable would be? Something like ch->room...
> ch->in_room is the *real* number of the room the person is in.  The
> virtual number can be got using world[ch->in_room].number.  Most of
> the structures concerning such things (and defines) are in structs.h.
> Also, a lot of world stuff is in db.c, and spread throughout the
> files.  To make a suggestion, think, "Where else have I
> seen the virtual number displayed?"  Of course, if you turned on
> roomflags as an immortal, you'd see virtual numbers there.  So, the
> look code (act.informative.c) might be a good place to look.  Or,
> perhaps the stat command.  Or even the exits command.
Thank you
> Although, it's rather questionable if you really want your players
> to see parts of the game's underlying mechanics like that.  Though,
> I suppose it's up to you.
Actually, this was displayed to immortals instead of Experience to
level and Gold on Hand
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