[Newbie] Chars Loading Room

From: Tulio Leal Correa (wolvie@QUERENCIA.UFRGS.BR)
Date: 09/29/97

Hello all,
I was wanting to make my chars come back where they quit, not in the
standard load room, ever...so I take off the part the verifys the
flag LOADROOM in save char, so it have to ever save a chars position
instead of NOWHERE and when the char loads, have to put it back on
that place, right? I dont know, this never works, so I put a 'marker'
which tells me what is saved in the load room of the char, and the
result of real_room(load_room), and its always -1 -1, I get little
crazzy with that yestarday, so I think that I migh tbe missing
something (or everything). Other thing is that I implemented a spell
fly, and I want my char to being saw as flying, so I create a
POS_FLYING, that is setted for all char that receives the spell fly,
or has a innate fly (like harpias), I changed the act.informative.c
to show this, I changed class.c (where I put my race code and
innates) and magic.c, and act.movement.c to set the POS_FLYING, and
it worked fine, but I couldnt find anywhere in the code a place the
sets the pos of the char when it loads, but it have to have, cos a
char ever load with the pos_standing, no matter in what position it
Sorry for the long mail , I'm waiting for your light...

See ya,

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