Re: page_string()

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 09/29/97

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Chris Jacobson wrote:

> So you build your buffer, keeping strcat()ing your additions to the end
> of it, and when its ALL built, >then< call page_string().  See do_vnum
> for example, I think.

Well thats what I thought I did.. I dunno.. maybe I'm just to tired..
This is what I have. I was going to go through and use page_string()
on all the commands that can possibly spam someone linkless. This is
in rlist from the snippets page:

  sprintf(buf, "Rooms that match your criteria:\r\n");
  for (nr = 0; nr <= top_of_world && (world[nr].number <= last); nr++) {
    if (world[nr].number >= first) {
      sprintf(buf, "%s%5d. [%5d] (%3d) %s\r\n", buf, ++found,
              world[nr].number, world[nr].zone,

    page_string(ch->desc, buf, 1);

Anyway.. I'm going to give it up for the night.. maybe tomorrow when I
have both eyes open it'll make sense.


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