[NEWBIE] Questions

From: Jeff Daum (daumj@APCI.NET)
Date: 09/30/97


        I have some nice questions to ask.

1.) How can I set up a code where I have a moster fighting zone, where
players see moster Fight monster. IE MOB v.S. MOB and can bet on which will

2.) How can I set a room where you die?? Say I die, I am then transported
to the church, and a healer is there and heals me, you see this on a lot of

3.) where and how do I see/set what immortal powers are to each god level,
I would also like to add some levs of gods, say immortal, demi god, god,
great god, implementor. Also how can I add comands to the WIZ comands.

Hope that makes sense.

4.) How do I make a specil exit say assises from the useual n,s,e,w,u,d for
some specil rooms I would have [enter cage] [portal] ect.

5.)anyway I could change the auto* stuff to something like tthis, you type
auto, you get a list of all the auto and weather they are on or off for
your char. then by typing autoexit, autoloot, ect. swiches thhat comand on

6.) Lastly, How can I edit a specil global that can be used by players to
'prey' to gods. exzample A char type prey message and the gods hear thhis
message, but the god/gods individually have the power to block out that
channel if need just so they don't see the message, like turning off gosip
by typeing gossip think you get the idea.

All and any help apreciated, and do me a favor if you tell me to modify
something PLEASE tell me the name of the file and about where I should put
the new code. Thanks a lot!!


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