Re: 2hand limit

From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 10/01/97

At 10:44 PM 9/30/97 -0600, John Evans wrote:
>On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:
>> I'm working a 2-hand limit code, but am stuck now. I know this is
>> possible, because the great Daniel Koepke has coded this for me before,
>> but since that the MUD has been deleted, and I tried to code it again from
>> memory, and that didn't work too well, so I tried doing it a different,
>> but that didn't work too well either, would anyone care to give me a few
>> pointers on going about this? For those interested, when I finish the
>Check back a week or two in the archives, and you'll find a message from
>me on how I did it. Comes with the peices of code in act.item.c that I
>changed, and what to change in other areas. I'd repost it, but I've
>deleted my sent-mail since then and don't feel like re-typing all that
>since I know(?) that it'll be in the archive.
>If it's not in the archive, let me know and I'll repost what I did to
>make it so that each character only has two hands.

There has been a lot of talk lately of the unrealisticness of someone using
a weapon, a light, a shield and holding an item.  Some people wanted to make
it so you couldn't use more than 2 of those things at once.  But I have been
thinking about it a little bit and has anyone realized that shields (or all
the ones I have seen) aren't designed to be held in a hand?  I might be
wrong but shields are basically a flat (or curved) board with 2 straps on
the back.  These straps were designed so the shield would be held with the
arm between the wrist and the elbow (or one strap on the arm, one in the
palm of the holders hand).  So you could still hold something and use a
shield at the same time.  For those of you who are really into realistic
muds this might be something to consider.  If I thought of it you can bet
one of your players will think of it sometime too and they might not be
happy about "unrealistic" limitations in your attempt to add "realistic"
limitations.  I'm no expert on the subject but when you think about it, a
person can't deflect a blow with their hand nearly as easily as with their
arm and held in the hand a shield is much easy to drop.  It all seems pretty
logical to me.  And also, some lights can be held easily in one finger and
if you have a sci-fi mud then obviously someone could strap a light on their
wrist or arm and anywhere else.

Sorry if this makes your life generally more difficult but your the one that
wanted realism not me.  I'm happy with 4 hands (although you could use a
shield, light, weapon, and held item in just two given the right items).

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