mail problems, here's what I have so far.
Date: 10/02/97

Ok, previously in the list I've had problems with my mail not being sent,
and was giving suggestions.  My mail is still not being sent correctly,
now in the mud I typed

mail sorren

I printed out the buf, which was returned by one_argument(arg, buf);
in stock mail.c
buf = sorren

The Immortal Postmaster tells you, 'I'll take 1 coins for the stamp.'
the Immortal Postmaster tells you, 'Write your message, /s saves /h help'

I printed out the recipient long which is
gotten from the line

if ((recipient = get_id_by_name(buf)) < 0) in stock mail.c
postmaster_send: recipient = 293

] hi
] /s

now in modify.c string_add, there is a call for

store_mail(d->mail_to, GET_IDNUM(d->character), *d->str);
Before that was called, I printed out all the variables above in that
order, and look what I got.. I sent mail to myself, and got 2 different
idnums.  The only difference between the 2 numbers is the first number
d->mail_to is gotten directly from the player index which is created at
bootime. the other is a macro call to the person who mailed the letter.
But since I'm mailing to myself shouldn't the numbers be the same ?
d->mail_to = 293 GET_IDNUM(d->character)= 294 *d->str = hi

Message sent!

Also, if I understand correctly, you idnum is saved in your playerfile,
and should it be able to change between reboots ?  My idnum changes every

My question is, why does the memory index differ from the macro ? Is your
idnum suppost to change between reboots ?  I've been printing out vars
everywhere and still have run into a dead end.
Any help to these questions would be appreciated.


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