Re: Fatal Data error ..

From: Viktor Sundberg (locutus@PHASER.NET)
Date: 10/02/97


Im new at this so these questions will probably be easy to answer :)

Im trying to get circlemud running under win95 and downloaded and unpacked as the readme said and renamed the to makefile and the to conf.h and compiled with
nmake and that went ok.. (It said something about that comm.c had wrong
integral size but that a conversion was supplied)

then I tried to run the "circle.exe" in the \src directory but it said
"Fatal error changing to data directory: no such file or directory"

I tried circle.exe -c c:\circle30bpl11 It started to run but it couldnt
read text/news, text/credits etc..  Is also cant find world/zon/index

My question is how to use circle mud and WHY does it try to read text/news
with a "frontslash" when dos uses backslashes :).. Where do I change this?
same with world/zon/index..

Please answer. Ive tried to fix this for ages... *sigh*


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