Re: memorize

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 10/02/97

>You know better than to say that. calloc() initializes the
>allocted memory to zero while malloc() doesn't garantee anything
>about it's contents. That and the fact that calloc() is much
>slower than malloc() makes for a significant difference
>between the two. They are not interchangeable. Code that uses
>calloc() (eg- circle) often calloc()'s the memory for structures
>instead of malloc()'ing it and seperately initialing each field
>of the structure.

  well, if everything is always set to something already (it should be)
why not use Malloc no matter what?
change of the macro is easy enough.  what are possible faults in this
  anyways, what was the last version(latest) of libc known to crash
with  the line in medit.c (OasisOLC):
i know there are patches to fix this (such as George's I_CRASH addition)
but i'd like to know.
i have   5.4.33   and i can't change it to 5.4.38 b/c i don't have root

i'd prolly d/l it myself, but its approximately 5-6MB of disk space
(not sure).

anyway, thanks for the help.

Akuma the Raging Coder

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