[New MUD] The Shadowed Lands are ONLINE!

From: Gerhard Poul (gerhard@CCC.AT)
Date: 10/04/97


Now there is a new cool circleMud ;-))

The Shadowed Lands ('telnet mud.idefix.ml.org 4000')

We are also looking for World Builders, Immortals, Gods, and last but
not least PLAYERs ;-)))

If you help us or play the mud you can see and be live at the beginning
of a NEW Mud :-)

Please use the bug, ideas, blabla... and we will also answer all you

If you 've questions please mail them to mud@mud.idefix.ml.org

Oh, we are also having an IMC connection :-)

And coders are also welcomed, but we only need players/50
Imps+gods+world builders+coders :-)

But please mail us, we would be happy!!

If anyone kills you (not a player, an IMP or god) then mail us to
mudadm@mud.idefix.ml.org and tell us the name, because a new mud and
corrupt implementors are the worst thing i can imagine... cu

  Gerhard the Implementor


Member of the KDE project                           http://www.kde.org

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