Re: Non-indexed commands Software" at Oct 4, 97 09:02:04 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 10/04/97

> Actually, the command interpreter looks for a command.


> If it's not in the list, it stops.

It checks for specials using special() as well.

> What I want is for the ability to have spec_procs
> (ANY spec_proc) use commands that are ONLY available to use when you are
> in a position to do so, but never show up in the master command list.

Either have player specific commands using something like a linked
list/array of special procs associated with each character, or make a
global linked list/array of special procs that get checked along with
all the others in the special() function. Either way it won't be in
the master command list.

> I have no concern about linked list, multiple spec_proc mobs.


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