From: Thibor (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 10/05/97

Ok, I hate seeing these, and I hate doing them, but this is a huge list
and an easy way to get applicants.  I'm looking for a partner IMP... I
not want any coders, if you have coding xp, thats fine and dandy, but
not a requirement.  What I do want is the one thing I can't train you
and that's creativity... and love for roleplay is a big bonus.  If you
are interested, then I pose a test for you, please reply privately to
roland@interpath.com.  Length is unimportant, first-person account is
You are a third generation vampire, having inhabited this planet for
nearly a millenium.  You're fighting in the crusades as a mercenary
at around 1200 AD, leading a group of gypsy warriors numbering about
300, when you encounter the Turkish main forces, numbering about
3000.  How did you win this seemingly hopeless battle?

A while back I sent someone the code for mpset, I can't remember who.
wondering if that person could send me a private email telling me how
working, etc.


        Life is what happens while you're making other plans.

        roland@interpath.com         (home page addy here when I fix it)

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