Re: [CODE?] MOBProgs / ROOMProgs / OBJProgs Sun, Oct 05, 1997 at 02:59:27AM -0000

From: Eric Green (thrytis@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 10/05/97

On Sun, Oct 05, 1997 at 02:59:27AM -0000, Chris Jacobson wrote:
> Has anyone out there implemented roomprogs/objprogs?
> I want to do this, but am unsure how to go about this.  If there is
> sample source out there, it would be extremely helpful (since I already
> have the "Enhanced" ROMProgs package installed - basically the original
> Circle MOBProgs, modified mostly to be like the ROM 2.4 MobProgs system).

I implemented room and object progs in Death's Gate.  I started from
scratch, but the language and implementation was influenced by mobprogs.
Documentation (a little outdated) is available at and the code is available at  scripts.c is the engine core.

I would strongly recommend moving to C++ before starting to implement
room and object progs.  I wish i had done that at the start, and i could
have avoided passing around everything as void * and using a type variable
(along with a bit of code duplication).


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