Re: [CODE?] MOBProgs / ROOMProgs / OBJProgs

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@NETREACH.NET)
Date: 10/05/97

        Well the answer to that is yes.  I've got quite fancy too.  Consider
the following little demonstration...

SPECIAL(head_talk)                /*         Talking Head script             */
{                                 /*           Muerte - 9/15/97              */
 struct obj_data *obj = me;       /* ButterMud - telnet:// */

  if (CMD_IS("fear") && (obj->worn_by == ch) ) {

  send_to_char("I am the head of Muerte.  Flee now or die!.\r\n", ch);
  return 1;
  return 0;

#1208                           <- I use the imm area as a holder for all
head muerte talking~               my 'non standard' objects.  Easy to
the severed head of Muerte~        keep track of them all ;)
A severed head is here decaying.~
12 dg aoe
0 0 0 0
9 6000 6000
head muerte severed~
This severed head has seen it's better days.  Still, he looks almost alive
for being a severed head and all...

        So the special attached to room/objects, etc can be -aware of their
enviroment-.  The head in the example, will only talk when the char trying
to trigger the event is holding the thing.

        Btw, the current release level of the head is quite animated.
Turns and looks at chars when they enter the room.  Won't let you be
backstabbed, casts a 'fear' spell and gives quite nasty comments on things
going on, every so often.

        Of course, simple it is, but when I push this technique to it's full
potential, it'll make objects on ButterMud quite enticing.  Just think...

        -A -real- Holy Avenger, than when wielded by a paladin will randomly
        cast dispel evil when fighting nasty buggers.

        -Can implement quite complex puzzles/traps, using an external variable
        or data structure to control the conditions/switches.

        -Objects that beg to be picked up, glow, do nifty things when sitting
        on the ground, but cause trouble when in a char's inventory.

        -Objects that refuse to be unwielded, until certain conditions are

        -Objects with triggers to activate them.  A a ring of
        teleportation that works by kissing or rubbing it.  Or that lamp
        that summons the djinn.

        -Weapons such as a combination missle/grenade launcher and flame
        thrower.  (Multiple effects/spells for -any item really)

        -Two opposing, intelligent swords that start chars fighting on
        their own, whenever they come in contact.

        -Also have implemented object affects with this.

        -And about 100 other ideas that come to mind...

-Jac 'Guess I'm not bad, for an RPG programmer eh? :)'
 Muerte  on ButterMud - telnet://
emote needs builders, badly...

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