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From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 10/06/97


 Huh, I got dispeled from the list, since my network was down over the
weekend... (Repeater stopped repeating or smth like that *grin*)

Anyway... I've started patching my mud with buffers patch, I'm making
progress slowly, since I'm patching it by the hand.. ;) Ok, I hate patch
so what... Nobody know what it does to your source.. ;> It can make your
mud write 'Hello World' and you won't even notice it.. *Grin* *cackle*

Anyway, I have this advice to everybody that didn't implement buffers
yet,, but they plan to...

 First get rid of the send_to_char!!! Check the George's patch page! And
convert all send_to_char's to send_to_charf! You will get rid of A LOT of
buf's and buf1's and who knows what else *giggle*.

 Ok, now something that's bothering me.. :) How will this constant
allocation of the small memory chunks affect the memory fragentation? I'm
not an expert, but,... George? :)

Hm, ok last question for this post... Now I have all my send_to_char's
send_to_charf, I don't like that f being always around... It looks UG-LEE!
;> I know that I could like search and replace for the send_to_charf with
sed, but I never used it and I don't have man pages for it... Not even for
awk and other tools like that... *scratch* Anyone knows how to use it, or
where to get man pages? :)

Enough for now.. :)


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